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    How To Treat A Sea Urchin Sting

    Metal Maniac
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    How To Treat A Sea Urchin Sting Empty How To Treat A Sea Urchin Sting

    Post by Metal Maniac on Mon 09 Jan 2012, 02:17

    How To Treat a Sea Urchin Sting

    1 Remove the spines that you received from the urchin if possible. It will hurt, but it is necessary in order for it to start the healing process. It is imperative that you take them out fast in order to reduce the pain and get most of the spine out.

    Cover the affected area with vinegar once you get out of the water. Soak a lint-free towel in vinegar and hold it on there as long as possible.

    2 Soak it in hot water as hot as you can tolerate for about twenty to forty minutes . It will ease the pain if it doesn't stop it completely and help to relieve soreness on the following day. Put vinegar on it again.

    3 When you go to bed, wrap the area that was stung with a lint-free towel, soaked in vinegar. Wrap the towel in plastic wrap and tape it so it stays on through the night.

    4 Only 10 or less sea urchins are poisonous but there are a few deadly ones.

    5 Good advice; but, being from Hawai'i where stepping on sea urchins ('wana) is common, I've found that a quick soak in undiluted white vinegar will do the trick quickly - no need to muck about with towels and the like unless the spines are in an area that make soaking problematic. Simply pour some vinegar into a suitable container and place the affected foot/hand/elbow/body part in the vinegar for as long as you can - I've actually watched spines "dissolve" as a foot soaked in vinegar from obvious spine, to black pinpoint discoloration, to nothing. A good wash with some anti-bacterial soap and/or an application of antibiotic cream or ointment to the area after soaking is a good idea as well. As always, keep an eye on the site of injury for a few days after the incident to make sure no infection sets in

    Thanxs WikiHow

    How To Treat A Sea Urchin Sting Dnr_fish_banz

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