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    R.I.P Clown Knife

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    Elite Member

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    R.I.P Clown Knife Empty R.I.P Clown Knife

    Post by crabby-girl on Mon 23 Mar 2009, 15:38

    Lost my clown knife to ick Sad . I'm gonna steer away from knife fish for a while, tied of loosing them. Since this forum stated I've lost 2 already. One due to getting it's ass killed by my gold do jo loach and now my clown to ick on steroids. I always wanted a clown knife too, I was so happy when I got him. He was doing great till the damn ick. Next time I get a knife fish it's gonna be a larger clown knife maybe I'll have better luck w/a bigger--older one... Question Question

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    Forum Moderation Team

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    R.I.P Clown Knife Empty Re: R.I.P Clown Knife

    Post by cichlidlover27 on Mon 23 Mar 2009, 15:56

    man oh man sorry to hear that thats a total bummer Sad
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    R.I.P Clown Knife Empty Re: R.I.P Clown Knife

    Post by Yanker on Mon 23 Mar 2009, 21:01

    Man sorry to hear that. I love cks. Hope you have good luck next time.
    Metal Maniac
    Metal Maniac

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    R.I.P Clown Knife Empty Re: R.I.P Clown Knife

    Post by Metal Maniac on Sun 29 Mar 2009, 15:14

    So Sorry about your loss crabby-girl No

    I've always luved keping Knives..i have found that they are one of the fish i keep that seem to have the most problem.

    I hope the next one you get down the road will do better Sad

    R.I.P Clown Knife Dnr_fish_banz

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    R.I.P Clown Knife New_un11

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    R.I.P Clown Knife Empty Re: R.I.P Clown Knife

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