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 Dried Indian Almond Leaves

    Diet suggestions?

    New Member
    New Member

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    Diet suggestions? Empty Diet suggestions?

    Post by po78 on Sat 07 Mar 2009, 21:01

    So I'm definitely not giving them feeders anymore. It totally ruined my water quality! I was told by pet store that I can feed 'em live worms that I find outside. Is that even safe? I got some of those frozen plankton cubes, and they still eat a ton of pellets for now. I'm gonna start getting fresh fish, but are there any safer live foods to give them without having to set up another tank for quarantining? My equiptment is limited at the moment.
    General Fish Moderator
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    Diet suggestions? Empty Re: Diet suggestions?

    Post by burgh on Sun 08 Mar 2009, 00:49

    Not sure what kind of fish you have, but Blood worms are a good treat. As for like nightcrawler they are good for your fish, but you have to make sure you don't dig them up in soil that has fertilizer. I also give mine crayfish once a month.

    Hope this helps.
    Global Moderator
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    Diet suggestions? Empty Re: Diet suggestions?

    Post by Cam on Sun 08 Mar 2009, 01:03

    Earth worms are fine to feed your rbp's,..i would try to
    stay away from feeding live for fear of passing on parasites
    and they just don't provide the enough nutrition. Prepared
    foods aside from a carnivorous pellet/sticks are they way
    to go,..tilapia, uncooked shrimp, catfish nuggets are some
    suggestions, a treat i fed my rbp's salmon and they
    would go ape sh*t for it:)

    If you want to feed them live for an occasional treat, a
    quarantined cichlid or 3 would be much better than goldfish.
    Don't feed em goldfish,..Convicts were my choice,..
    Metal Maniac
    Metal Maniac

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    Diet suggestions? Empty Re: Diet suggestions?

    Post by Metal Maniac on Mon 06 Apr 2009, 14:31

    Nice info Cam! Diet suggestions? 63052

    Thanxs!!! Diet suggestions? 315146

    Diet suggestions? Dnr_fish_banz

    Diet suggestions? 1893667bd2edba6m3

    Diet suggestions? New_un11

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    Diet suggestions? Empty Re: Diet suggestions?

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