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    How to Breed Feeder Roaches

    Metal Maniac
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    How to Breed Feeder Roaches Empty How to Breed Feeder Roaches

    Post by Metal Maniac on Fri 03 Apr 2009, 14:27

    How to Breed Feeder Roaches

    Reptile owners can save money while creating a biology project for the kids by breeding feeder roaches, instead of buying crickets and other insects to feed pet lizards, snakes, toads and turtles. Although there are many different varieties of feeder roaches, they each are very high in protein, and one of the most popular roaches is the lobster roach because they are easy to breed and have a high ratio of meat to shell. Read on to learn how to breed feeder roaches.

    Step 1
    Line the top of your aquarium with 2 to 3 inches of petroleum jelly to keep the lobster roaches from climbing out of their container. The size of your breeding container depends on the number of roaches you are raising. Remember to clean and reapply the petroleum jelly every few months.
    Place the container in a dark warm location. Lobster roaches prefer a temperature of 90 to 95 degrees F.
    Add a substrate such as bran, if desired, and place the egg cartons and towel rolls into the container to provide hiding places for the roaches. Change the egg cartons and cardboard rolls every month so they remain clean.
    Keep a supply of food in the container for the roaches. They like all fruits, vegetables and grains.
    Put a small dish of water in the container and keep it clean and filled, or use water gel, which does have the advantage of being safer for your roaches. Frequently roaches will drown in even a shallow water dish, and clean up is messy. Get water gel crystals online from companies such as Topline Distributing. See link in Resources.
    Clean the container monthly or weekly if you prefer, by sifting the roaches from the waste material. Another method used for lobster roaches is a scoop and brush. The babies are very tiny and it's easy to discard them with the waste material when you sift.

    Tips & Warnings
    It's easier to keep the aquarium clean if you don't use a substrate, but always provide a place for the roaches to hide.

    Don't overcrowd the roach container as this will cause fighting and slow the reproduction cycle.

    Lobster roaches have wings but are unable to fly. They are a nocturnal, climbing variety.

    Keep the aquarium top covered with a ventilating screen if you're concerned that the lobster roaches might get out.

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