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    Convict=Predator Empty Convict=Predator

    Post by TheBigEasy on Thu 07 May 2009, 17:32

    So, my little convicts now have fry. And since, now run the tank. Now they are still only about 2" and pretty small compared to some of the tankmates, except a glo tetra that wandered to far from its shoal. Apparently a pissed off Male convict will eat tetra's. lol. I watched him snatch it up and eat it up. I didnt even think his mouth could open that big. As much as I didnt want to loose a fish, I couldnt help but laugh, I dont even know why I did. I have fed them flake food and bloodworms since babies. I didnt even think they would eat a live fish. oh well.
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    Convict=Predator Empty Re: Convict=Predator

    Post by Gspilo84 on Fri 08 May 2009, 07:04

    lol wow that is hilarious, those convicts can be mean as hell sometimes, especially around fry
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    Convict=Predator Empty Re: Convict=Predator

    Post by Cam on Sat 09 May 2009, 10:36

    O Yeah,..Convicts w/ fry are nasty! I raised Convict fry for
    feeder fish awhile back, tried to keep 2 pairs in a well
    planted 4'er,..not a chance, dominate male owned the other
    pair! They were even relentlessly attacking the Pleco in
    there,..he lived,..they didn't,..all went in my Pygo tank,..
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    Metal Maniac

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    Convict=Predator Empty Re: Convict=Predator

    Post by Metal Maniac on Mon 11 May 2009, 02:03

    Oh yea..i have had some albino ùConvicts in with juvie reds in the past and they bang up the reds till they cant take it any more then its curtains for the convicts Convict=Predator 63052

    Convicts BEWARE!!!...lolol lol!

    Convict=Predator Dnr_fish_banz

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    Convict=Predator Empty Re: Convict=Predator

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