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    Rare Cave Salamander

    Metal Maniac
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    Rare Cave Salamander Empty Rare Cave Salamander

    Post by Metal Maniac on Sun 31 May 2009, 19:25

    Hey APU,

    Check out this rare Cave Salamander

    Cave salamander (Proteus anguinus)

    The cave salamander is a rare amphibian with an unusual appearance, shaped by several million years of living in dark, subterranean caves in central Europe (2). Its skin lacks pigment, giving its body a white, pasty appearance. It also has a pink hue due to blood capillaries near the skin, and as its translucency shows the contours of the internal organs. This strange fleshy skin led to this species' common name, the human fish, as people thought this bizarre amphibian resembled a small human (3). This cave dwelling amphibian's four limbs are short and feeble, and its eyes are so poorly developed that it is blind (2). Its head is elongated with a round snout, and on each side of the head there are three distinctive scarlet gill tufts that are used in respiration, although adults develop lungs as well (2). Males are smaller than females, and can be distinguished from females during breeding season by their larger cloaca (3).

    Rare Cave Salamander Cave-s10

    Rare Cave Salamander Dnr_fish_banz

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