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    Checklist for people planning on setting up a saltwater tank

    General Fish Moderator
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    Checklist for people planning on setting up a saltwater tank Empty Checklist for people planning on setting up a saltwater tank

    Post by burgh on Wed 08 Jul 2009, 00:14

    This is a basic list that can help when thinking about or setting up a saltwater tank:

    What type of fish do you want in your tank?
    * Mixed community
    * species setup
    * large to aggressive
    * Small

    What size tank and type of stand will you use?
    * Size of tank
    * Pre drilled or will you drill it if using a sump
    * What kind of tank - glass, acrylic, or DIY
    * What type of stand - DIY, store bought,or custom. (metal stands will rust faster if exposed to the saltwater compared to a freshwater setup)
    * Tank covers - glass covers, full hood, eggcrate, or canopy
    * Background - painted, pre printed, tint, ect

    What type of lights will you use?
    * Single or dual fluorescent (can be used, but your tank won't benefit at all from them)
    * Power compacts - very common and better than fluorescent, but limited if keeping corals
    * VHO's - good choice of lights that will allow you to grow most corals (not all thou)
    * T5's - good choice and allows you to grow just about any coral you want including clams
    * Metal Halides - Considered the best and as close to natural sunlight as you can get.
    * LED's - still very new and expensive, but are said to be or will be better than MH's

    What kind of bulbs will you need?
    * Full spectrum - some of the more common bulbs - 5500k,6500k,10k,14k,and 20k
    * Actinic Blues

    Biological Filtration - (Live Rock)
    * Cured - work already done for you, pretty much put in tank and go.
    * Uncured - you need to cycle it and wait for all the die off - usually 4-6 weeks

    What kind of Live Rock will you use?
    * Base Rock - live rock that no longer has living organism in it (needs seeded)
    * Reef Rock - commonly used
    * Premium reef rock
    * Others that have been known to be used, lava rock, or porous rocks
    * Than how many pounds of rock will you need?

    What kind of substrate?
    * Crushed Corals
    * Live Sand
    * Sand - from locate hardware stores (Downsouth) example of brand
    * Cichlid Sand
    * Caribbean Sand
    * Ect.

    Filtration and water movement
    * Protein Skimmer - HOB (hang on the back), in sump
    * Powerheads - how many will you need and kind
    * Sump and size
    * Overflow box (if running a sump and tank isn't drilled)
    * Return pump

    Additional equipment needed
    * RO system/Reverse Osmosis (or you can get your water from local stores)
    * Water Heaters
    * UV Sterilizer - not needed but wouldn't hurt to invest in one
    * Light Timers - set your lights on a daily cycle
    * Water test kits
    * Hydrometer
    * Thermometers
    * Few feet of airline to use as a drip when acclimating new fish
    * Salt mixing can - rubbermaid garbage cans work great for mixing and storage
    * NOT needed but great to have - Quarantine Setup/Hospital Tank

    Add advise
    * Books - read as many as you can and online
    * Try to locate and join local REEF CLUB (usually help out)

    Once again this is just a BASIC checklist !!! Fell free to add to this, I'm sure I didn't remember everything..

    Thanks for reading it and I hope someone finds it useful..

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    Checklist for people planning on setting up a saltwater tank Empty Re: Checklist for people planning on setting up a saltwater tank

    Post by pboost on Fri 10 Jul 2009, 13:17

    Very good list hope this gets stickied.!

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