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    quick guide on how to set up a sump

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    quick guide on how to set up a sump Empty quick guide on how to set up a sump

    Post by burgh on Mon 10 Aug 2009, 10:28

    Here a quick guide on setting up a sump so it doesn't over flow when the power goes out.

    Ok, first set everything up the way its going to sit. The pipes or hoses from your overflows, bulkheads, or HOB overflow box should be set along with your water return. With your tank filled to the level you plan on running it at (ALL THE TIME) and your sump (EMPTY) plus your overflows turned off so no water can run down them. Place your return pump in the sump if its a submersible one or have your external one hooked up however you plan on running it.

    Ok, now turn you overflows on and allow the water to drain to the sump and keep a close on the water level. (IF) the sump looks like it is going to overflow turn your return pump on to pump the water back into the tank and close your overflows off. Now, if your sump is big enough for your tank the water level will drop in your main tank and stop once it gets below your overflow inlets. When this happen take a black marker and mark a line at the top of the water level there or add 1 or 2" just to be safe. If your using a glass tank don't worry the marker will come off with some water and a paper towel.

    Now you know your sump is big enough to handle the amount of water that will drain out the tank if the power goes out. BUT your don't not done!!! Pump the water from the sump back into your main tank and close the overflows.

    Next you need to know how low your sump can get without your pump running dry. The best way I have found to do this is while you are pumping the water back to your main tank with the overflows (CLOSED) Watch for your pump to start blowing bubbles through the return. When this happen turn the pump off and allow the water level to rise in the sump a bit. Turn your pump back on and keep a close eye for it to start blowing bubbles again and mark the water level. Once you have that marked add 2" to the level and you have your safe run point and minimal level. Keep your lowest point mark so you can randomly check it and keep the water above the lowest level for safe running.

    Now your(LAST) test to make sure the sump will handle (not only) your safe run water level fro your pump (PLUS) your tank volume when the power goes out.
    To do this, make sure your sump is at the line you marked for safe running level. Fill you main tank back up to it normal run level. Once this is done open your returns back up and let the main tank drain into your sump once again. With your return pump on stand-by in case your sump is going to overflow. Now if your sump is big enough for not only your tank, BUT your pump it will stop before it overflows the sump. If it stops well below the top of the sump you can even and more water volume to your normal run level for your return pump.

    And your good to go, turn your return pump back on and shut it off when your tank fills back up and close your return and turn pump off. If your done setting up turn the return pump back on and let your system run, just make sure your overflows are still open.

    Good luck !!

    I hope this makes since, I just work 13's have a bit tired. Sorry if it doesn't.
    Amy questions or you need more help just drop me a line.

    Happy fish keeping !!!!

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    quick guide on how to set up a sump Empty Re: quick guide on how to set up a sump

    Post by Insanity on Mon 10 Aug 2009, 18:04

    Thanks! This info is really helpful!

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