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 Dried Indian Almond Leaves

    wet/dry sump media?

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    wet/dry sump media? Empty wet/dry sump media?

    Post by Insanity on Sun 13 Sep 2009, 18:01

    What can I use for media for my freshwater sump? Should I use bio balls?

    wet/dry sump media? 31098910

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    wet/dry sump media? Empty Re: wet/dry sump media?

    Post by Cam on Sun 13 Sep 2009, 22:41

    Yeah Bio Balls or Stars,..some use Lava Rock,..i would also
    use a course pad before the bio and a fine pad after,..i've
    never been a fan of using carbon or chips except to remove
    meds,..but thats up to you. I personnally think odor is from
    either overpopulated or poorly maintained tanks.
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    wet/dry sump media? Empty Re: wet/dry sump media?

    Post by burgh on Mon 14 Sep 2009, 00:05

    Also if you have a dollar store up your way go bet a bunch of plastic pot scrubber. They work just like bio-balls, but cheaper.

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    wet/dry sump media? Empty Re: wet/dry sump media?

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