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 Dried Indian Almond Leaves

    Greetings From Thailand

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    Greetings From Thailand Empty Greetings From Thailand

    Post by bettawan on Sat 24 Sep 2011, 04:39

    Sawatdee Khrap....( Hello )

    I'm Jeff, from the Uk originally, I have been in Thailand for the last 6 years. We are lucky, we have 2 large lakes either side of our home we rent and both are filled with Wild/Thai freshwater species including Giant Gourami's, Koi, Roach, Rudd, Several Species of Catfish, Golden Price Carp, Snakeheads, 3 kilo + Paca, a couple of 3ft Aligator Gar and also many other species but I'm not sure what they are.

    1. This lake belongs to my wifes family who we rent our home from. This pic is taken from the top end from the garden.

    Greetings From Thailand Sab

    2. Same lake but pic taken from bottom end.

    Greetings From Thailand Sab4

    3. This is the village lake with our home to the right. This lake provides our village with all our water needs except for drinking water. This pic was taken in August 2 years ago before the rains came. Both lakes usually break their banks at the end of the rainy season, usually end of October/November. But saying that only beginning of last month when the rains started we where hit by flash floods at 4am in the morning, while we where sleeping. We where awoken to a big splash noise, which was our wardrobe..I jumped out of bed and was stood in 1ft of water...everyroom was flooded and we had fish swimming everywhere...3 ilb Golden Price Carp where jumping out of the water in the rooms as they mated and once the water subsided and we started the job of cleaning up we discovered millions and millions of eggs...tried saving them by replacing them in the lake but I think they where destroyed due to air getting to them.

    Todate we have been flooded 4 times this year ( photos to come ) and we still have another month left of the rainy's been really bad this seems has the whole of the North of Thailand is under water.

    Greetings From Thailand Julyaug-004

    Right me off to see what the rest of you are up to on the forum...

    Laeo phop kan na.....( See You Later )

    Jeff & Wan
    Dried Indian Almond Leaves

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