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    The crocodile farm (Drôme 26 France)

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    The crocodile farm (Drôme 26 France) Empty The crocodile farm (Drôme 26 France)

    Post by NARKOTIK on Tue 13 Dec 2011, 20:32

    hello my dear american friends

    The Crocodile Farm is a zoological park consists of a private greenhouse of 8000 square meters and an outdoor run of 4000 m², where you can observe more than 350 specimens of crocodiles : Nile crocodiles, alligators, caimans .. . as well as turtles . This farm, in addition to the tourist, is actively involved in conservation and species protection through collaboration with scientists around the world.


    The Crocodile Farm is located in the town of Pierrelatte in the Drôme in France .

    Inaugurated in July 1994 , this unique site in Europe allows species to evolve in a tropical climate in a greenhouse , heated by hot water from the nuclear plant Tricastin . This space contains, in addition to wildlife, particularly tropical flora ( carnivorous plants , tropical ferns, orchids , etc.).

    In 2006 , the surface of the greenhouse was increased from 6500 m² to 8000 m².


    In July 1991 , 335 Nile crocodiles were imported from a farm of South Africa . Since then, the reproduction of this species was regulated so as not to cause overcrowding.

    The species are:

    •The Nile crocodile

    •the spectacled caiman or crocodile of French Guiana

    •The Ganges Gharial

    •the black caiman

    •The dwarf crocodile

    •the Chinese alligator

    •the American alligator

    •The false gharial in Malaysia

    •the albino alligator (unique in Europe)

    •the Galapagos giant tortoise

    •the giant turtle in Seychelles

    •the Aldabra giant tortoise (largest tortoise in the world)

    •The African Spurred Tortoise

    •the turtle in Florida

    •the European pond

    •Activity Site

    The Crocodile Farm is equipped with incubators for hatching and development of small crocodiles.

    Incubation is performed at the request of other zoos or for scientific research (which is approximately 1,000 births per year).

    The Crocodile Farm is also involved in a project to protect the Ganges Gharial , the Gharial Conservation Project .

    This was to create a protected reserve to re-introduce and allow the survival of this endangered species in Nepal


    The site is open all year (including holidays and Sundays). The tour lasts approximately 2:30

    It is handicapped accessible throughout the course, has a parking free, a picnic area, a snack bar and gift shop.

    Naturalist guides answer questions from the public along the route, and posters of explanation, translated also in Braille are placed on the circuit.

    The Crocodile Farm is the most visited members area of the department before the castle of Grignan , the Postman Cheval's Ideal Palace and the Palace of the sweet and the Montelimar nougat).

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