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Ok APU,Time too send in your pics for the next POTM contest... Please email me at or please PM myself ...Depending on how many pics we get and the variety of species we will have several categories...Only 1 pic per member per species so you can send in 1 fish 1 cat 1 lizard just not 2 fish 2 get the idea!!...So send em in and lets make this a BIG ONE!!!... Cheers!!!...Metal Maniac and the APU Staff
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    Thanxs World For Making APU such a Success!!! :)

    Metal Maniac
    Metal Maniac

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    Thanxs World For Making APU such a Success!!! :) Empty Thanxs World For Making APU such a Success!!! :)

    Post by Metal Maniac on Fri 06 Jan 2012, 04:28

    Hey Everyone,APU Members and Guests Reading This...

    First off I want to say thanxs to EVERYONE that has been involved in making APU what it is today!!! :) :) :)

    The Freindliest Fish Forum full of the best Hands On info!

    You may know me as Metal Maniac through other forums or in General over the Internet but my name is Michael J Torsky

    I have been keeping Fish,Reptiles,Amphibians and Insects..well,exotics in general for 26 years this February...Piranha are my Passion!

    My forum is 90 percent info in my own words that I have experienced in the past 26 years...the other info especially Piranha is from my good freinds at OPEFE and from the loyal Members that have come and gone on APU

    Since I started Aggressive Predators United on Thursday March 5th of 2009 we have had 1092 members join and over the years I have weeded out spammers with A LOT of work too 208 solid Members!

    I started this forum for the soul reason to teach and learn...I fund everything myself and do NOT expect anyone to donate a dime...I make NO money off APU...the only thing I gain is the knowledge to keep my Pets strong and healthy and pass the info onto the world of my own experiences!

    When I first went on forums I was amazed how afraid people were to post....I remember 1 lady on a Tropical Forum in 2007..she asked if it was bad to feed her Goldfish that she loved so much Hotdogs cut up,she didn't know any another member started a chain reaction of members calling her an Idiot,Looser Moron and that she was stupid...she PMed me and said how she was so upset and crying and giving up on Keeping Fish Sad as a moderator promissed her I would create a freindly community as this happens too Newbies all the time on forums! Sad

    So I created APU in promise that anyone on this forum is encouraged to ask any question they like,no question is a bad question and I assure that it will be addressed with kindness and expertise,anyone caught bad mouthing(Not expressing opinion about a Question) will be suspended from APU Indefinatelly!

    Daily,APU gets up to 300 Guests reading and copying information which is Fantastic!!!...I know that the info here is Top Knotch and is helping so many people around the world...the PM's and Emails have been so nice from EVERYONE!..all my Brothers and Sisters around the world!

    Thanxs!!! :) :) :)

    Cheers Everyone!

    Metal Maniac
    Michael J Torsky

    Thanxs World For Making APU such a Success!!! :) Dnr_fish_banz

    Thanxs World For Making APU such a Success!!! :) 1893667bd2edba6m3

    Thanxs World For Making APU such a Success!!! :) New_un11

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