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    CareSheet For Mealworms (FEEDERS)

    Metal Maniac
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    CareSheet For Mealworms (FEEDERS) Empty CareSheet For Mealworms (FEEDERS)

    Post by Metal Maniac on Fri 03 Apr 2009, 14:17

    CareSheet For Mealworms (FEEDERS)

    Life Cycle of a Meal Worm

    Stage 1: Egg

    Stage 2: Larva (this is the stage we begin our observations with)

    Stage 3: Pupa

    Stage 4: Beetle



    Segmented body (looks striped)
    Six legs up front
    Tail has a spike
    2 antennae
    jumpy, crawling, very active
    center part of body is the fattest


    dormant (resting—going through metamorphosis)
    fat head
    pointy tail
    turn upside down and you can see the six legs


    long and skinny
    dark brown
    move very quickly

    Mealworms (Tenebrio)


    Fresh bran mixed with high protein baby cereal, alfalfa flakes (or crushed alfalfa hay), chicken egg layer mash. Mix in reptile multivitamin and calcium supplements


    Slices of fruit or vegetables


    To keep from metamorphosizing into pupae and beetles, keep in the refrigerator. You can keep in the original container,replacing the fruit daily and bran/vitamins as needed. To promote metamorphosis, you need to keep them at room temperature and house in a larger container. Buy a larger than usual batch of meal worms (you can get right from breeder at far less expense than buying from pet store), then, instead of refrigerating them, leave them out a room temperature. Put in a plastic or glass covered enclosure (like a small critter tank or Pet Pal), adding extra bran, some slices of fruit. Cover with a couple of layers of paper towel or cloth, and keep it moist (not wet). They will crowd under and go through their metamorphosis, from larva to pupae (which may also be eaten) to beetle within a matter of days. Leave some beetles in to breed to get more larvae.


    Sift out the worms, pupae and larve monthly and replace the food/bedding and fruit. Replace the paper towel as needed or replace cloth with freshly laundered one.

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