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    Electric Blue Crayfish CareSheet

    Metal Maniac
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    Electric Blue Crayfish CareSheet Empty Electric Blue Crayfish CareSheet

    Post by Metal Maniac on Fri 03 Apr 2009, 14:44

    Electric Blue Crayfish CareSheet

    Alternative Name(s): Electric blue lobster, Electric blue yabbie.
    Scientific Name(s): Procambarus alleni.
    Category: Freshwater Invertebrate
    Maximum Size: 20cms
    Minimum Tank Volume: 120 litres
    Minimum Tank Size: 30 gal standard or larger
    Water Temperature Range: 15-26°C
    Water pH Range: 7.0-8.5
    Water Hardness Range: 9-13 dGH

    General Information: Electric blue crayfish, typical large cray shape, heavily armoured, and long clawed. Brilliant blues persist longer into maturity than cherax quadricarinatus. Ownership, import and export of procamberus alleni is illegal in the UK, Caresheet for reference only, ownership could see you prosecuted.
    Tank Requirements: See Minimum Tank Volume and Minimum Tank Size above
    Diet Requirements: Omnivore and willing predator of fish and other invertebrates. Unfussy feeder but consideration must be given to dietary variety and mineral balance. Supplement with commercial shrimp or crab foods.
    Compatibility: Horrible, as with most freshwater crays they pull fish apart in overnight attacks, and are often aggressive amongst themselves according to time of year and sexes splits. Not for community.
    Recommendations: Robust large aquaria with fixed decor, plants and other living creatures are destroyed may bury itself on occasion, give shady areas, cover,pipe caves and excellent filtration.Serious digger.
    Common Problems: Sloughing issues, everted gill structures, loss of limbs, circulation issues, shell malformation, fungal diseases, internal parasites, medication and metals sensitivity.Aggression related wounds.
    Similar Species: Many similar species, the only legal one in the uk is cherax quadricarinatus, its a little smaller, more heavily built,and nearly always fades to brown with age. Few are as blue as the electric blue.
    Sexing: Males claws more elongated, occasionally red patches, males have claspers near the rear when viewed from underneath.
    Breeding: Segregate gravid females, eggs carried on modified legs.200 eggs,cannibalistic young must be fed heavily to prevent losses.

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